About Us

Trending baldstyling. Through Baldstylers and Baldstyled.
We realised catering to bald demographic hardly exists.
We challenged every reason that influenced this outcome.
The upshot was that stylists need a novel tool to do it.
The “SPHYNX” has changed the way salon professionals see smooth shaving.
The “SPHYNX” maintains the instrument in peak condition for smooth shaving.
These smooth shave blades are ultra safe to use even for novices.

iHead was created to engage a vanilla idea of razor head shaving and reach for the mainstream. The salon and beauty industry might warm to it, if we were more inclusive of all things smoothly shaved.
Therefore, iHead has quite a mission.

Working Mission Statement


Create this new culture where salons do Smooth Razor Shaving Heads and people go there to have it done.


The aim is to encourage those professionals in the industry to tap into a whole new client base with their totally new service – smooth razor head shaving.


We engage investment to bring a new culture to salons, catering to the ignored demographic.

Mission Statement


The joy of seeing people with a Smooth Razor Shaven Head chose to enjoy a salon finish experience.


To engage innovators to join the mission and make baldstyling baldstyled by baldstylists go mainstream.


The goal – be more inclusive, accepting more variety of skills and imagination so this movement is one of great creativity for the whole industry and society on the planet.